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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: (5) Caruso's vs. (12) El Molinito

Another Italian vs. Mexican showdown in the first round

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Jason Bartel

We continue moving through the Santa Ritas Region with five-seed Caruso's taking on 12-seed El Molinito.

Be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom. You can also vote by tweeting the restaurant name with the hashtag #TRT.

Tale of the Tape

(5) Caruso's

caruso's Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Fourth Ave


Cuisine: Italian

Yelp rating: 3.5 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "You have the best lasagna. I'm not sure if you know that I was a vegetarian for 14 years. Then, one day, my father was reheating some of your lasagna in the microwave, sending that amazing smell throughout the house. I couldn't resist. He offered me a bite, and that was the end of that. It is perfect. The flavorful sauce, the perfect meat mixture, the tender was enough for me to end my meatless ways (though I still don't eat meat much)."

(12) El Molinito

el molinito Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Four locations (22nd and Craycroft pictured)


Cuisine: Mexican

Yelp rating: 3 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "I was on the great wall last week thinking about how much i needed a chicken chimi enchilada style from here. Got here this week and it was everything i dreamed of. Never fails - this place has the best mexican food. Been going to this ppace for like 20 years+."