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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: (7) Blue Willow vs. (10) Union Public House

An All-Campbell battle in the first round

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Jason Bartel

In a first round matchup in the Catalinas Region, seven-seed Blue Willow will take on ten-seed Union Public House in what will take out one of the many locations in this tourney found along Campbell.

Be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom. You can also vote by tweeting the restaurant name with the hashtag #TRT.

Tale of the Tape

(7) Blue WIllow

Blue Willow Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Campbell-Grant


Cuisine: American

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Entertaining Yelp review:  "A friend asked me to meet her here. She said "this place is super cute!" Well, I think this place is accommodating and the ambience is comfortable without pretension. The menu is diverse, and the food is very good too...and if I were a girl, I might even say this is super cute.

BTW, this long winded yelper would like to recognize others who are more talented with their linguistic prowess and delectable eloquence in this yelping world. And sometimes copying is indeed the best form of compliment: This place is super cute."

(10) Union Public House

Union Public House Jason Bartel

Neighborhood: Catalina Foothills


Cuisine: American

Yelp rating: 4 stars

Entertaining Yelp review: "It's a bit hipster, with their mason jar water glasses, and gets clubby later in the evening, but that's nothing to complain about."