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Tucson Restaurant Tournament: Brushfire BBQ takes home the championship

Congrats to our champions!

To fill those long summer months with no college sports going on, we set out on a quest to have an NCAA Tournament-style showdown between 64 of the restaurants in Tucson.

Thanks to your voting throughout the process, from setting the field and seeds, all the way through all six rounds, we finally have our inaugural Tucson Restaurant Tournament champion!

Brushfire BBQ took down Bison Witches after receiving 165,225 of the 174,830 votes cast in the championship game.

We’ve heard your thoughts and suggestions about how to improve this for next year. The plan right now is to bring it back when school ends in May, and run it through the summer just like we did this year.

Thanks again for casting well over a million votes over the course of two months, and congrats to our champions at Brushfire BBQ!